What is microfiber?

          Microfibre - a new generation of textile, velvety, aesthetic, very durable fabric that is resistant to chemical and light exposure, air permeable ("breathable"). Specific tests have confirmed that this material has the ability to evenly distribute the static electricity. Made either from 100% polyester, or with the addition of cotton.
Suitable for the production of products for cleaning the house:
not leave behind fibers
not shed
no sliding
not break
not exposed to household dirt that is provided by the fiber structure
does not leave behind a scratched
absorbs much more water than normal tissue
removes fat without use of chemicals dries quickly after washing
penetrates into the most inaccessible places
       Clean this fabric is very easy: stains from coffee and tea are removed with a sponge soaked in soapy water. Chocolate, berries, ink, etc. can be removed with detergent, water-based and specialty chemical solutions for upholstered furniture. Can hand wash at 30 °, no spin.
      Because of its properties and security, microfiber is widely used in the garment industry. Because microfiber can be called an excellent material for children izdeliy.Avtokresla, strollers, baby furniture, baby clothes, towels, products for professional cleaning - this is not a complete list of which used a modern material.
      New microfiber was made in Japan. The name "microfiber" appeared thanks to technology of ultra-thin fibers, whose diameter is only 0.06 microns. It consists of two micro polymers, polyester and polyamide, which are connected in one thread. During production, micro-divided into 8 parts with sharp-edged wedge. After the process cycle micro fibers are 10 times thinner fibers of natural silk, 30 times thinner than cotton, 40 times of natural wool and 100 times human hair. 1 gram fiber microfiber has a length of 45000 meters, and the inner surface of a microfiber cloth is 20 times more than normal tissue.
      Production of ultra-fine fibers (less than 0.7 denier) was launched in late 1950 using technology twisting threads of the molten mass. Microfiber has been developed in Japan in 1976. Another name - "micro.
Microfiber is highly resistant to external factors, it has a large palette of bright colors, fabrics microfibre fully washable. Fabrics made of microfiber have high absorbency due to a very small diameter of the cross threads (fabric, a more "spongy") that makes it easy to cope with a dirty surface.
      Most microfiber used in household products for cleaning. With the ability to remove grease and dust without chemicals was created microfiber cloth allow to wash the dishes, wipe the surface while maintaining environmental cleanliness at home. And thanks to the ability to effectively absorb the water from microfiber make mats in the bathroom and hallway.