Kitchen - the heart of your home

       Changing our understanding of space and kitchen use. Some are clearly aware that the development of infrastructure kitchen directed towards understanding the multifunctional space, others see the new role of the kitchen is not so clear. I think in the future design of buildings will be connected with the type of cuisine that is very different from what we know today. Changing its size, function in the life of the house, she gets another destination, possibly for another.
         It is important to understand that the kitchen for all of us - is individually organized space. Its design consists of numerous factors: the ergonomics of the planning space, the lighting used to meet here every subject. If you stay in the kitchen do not bring pleasure, you will not stay there any extra minute.
Kitchen - the heart of your home in itself the word "kitchen" sounds briefly. But all agree that the kitchen is the essence of each house, his heart, life center. Kitchen was a place of active communication and meetings. When you are an employee or friend who came from afar, the first step in communication - a cup of tea or coffee, for which you invite them to the kitchen. Staying at home, the bulk of the time you spend in the kitchen and other rooms used in two-plus times less. That kitchen is organized around an active family life, leisure members. Traditionally, the main place for receptions considered public rooms such as dining room, but today many are turned back from this rule. New kitchen space can be used quite flexibly. The room, previously considered solely as a place for cooking, day open for any classes: here talking, playing, watching TV, etc. For example, one of my clients, the kitchen was the room, where she writes her own cookery book. This large comfortable table, plenty of space to unfold the paper, put the equipment through which tested recipes, comfortable chair, and, of course, on hand products, utensils and other items needed in the work.
           Kitchen - the heart of your home Action family life played in the kitchen. Here we speak, on the telephone with friends, read a newspaper, doing homework, sit, rozvalyvshys lazily on the couch and eat treats guests, listen to music, sperechayemosya Sedimentation and makeup - all at the same time. Sometimes combined with the family dinner table - no more than once a week. But compatible meal - is not just a ritual, and communication, strengthening family bonds. Spacious, open kitchen allows all of multipurpose household spend more time together, communicating closely with each other.
          After a hard day, we need less communication than in food. Aperitif, drink in good company, does not require nutritional snacks, it should provide something light, fragrant and such that quenching hunger. The refined wine spilled in thin glasses, makes a few other spirits of people trapped interesting, intimate conversations. It is a live communication to bring to your house, and above all, the kitchen is now organized entirely new way. Kitchens of the Future aims to provide the stamp of the new entertainment culture.